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Till-Seeding and now "Till-Feeding" Technical Briefing 2011

In 2005 OPICO launched the Till-Seeding concept at its Conference in Peterborough, most major UK agronomy companies now recognise Subsoiler Till-Seeding as one of the most influential changes in arable crop production in the past decade. The uptake of the concept in major arable areas is plain to see as you travel around, the vast majority of Oilseed Rape is now drilled in wide rows.

OPICO have not stood still since 2005, the technique and the machinery available for Till-Seeding have been improved upon. In 2007 the Till-Seeding Solutions Conference highlighted the benefits of deep soil loosening and launched a range of HE-VA machines aimed at Till-Seeding on different soil Types.

The 2011 Till-Seeding Technical briefing will covered further advances that has been made in terms of machinery available particularly to improve germination and therefore establishment of the OSR crop. However the main focus at the meeting was the massive impact that early Nutrition has on the crop in terms of its viability, yields and input costs.

For more information on the Technical briefing held on the 12th April, please visit the 2011 Briefing Report page where there is the full presentation video with speakers from Masstock, OPICO and Openfield.

Till-Feeding Machine