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Seedbed fertiliser can boost OSR preformance
Band applications of nitrogen have been gaining in popularity over the last four to five years, and if the difference in plant size seen at Roy Ward Farm's Glebe Farm in Lincolnshire last november was anything to go by, there could be definately something in it.

OSR yields increased by 4.1% when fertiliser applied in bands at seeding
Further evidence that applying fertiliser in bands in line with oilseed rape seed will boost yields has been demonstrated following analysis of crop performance data at Masstock’s SMART farm at Lincoln. Trial plots fertilised in bands using OPICO’s Ferticast produced yields 4.1% higher than plots where the granular fertiliser had been broadcast.

Cost-cutting and money-making establishment options for OSR crops - Farm Business
OSR growers can halve the costs of establishing a new crop simply by switching from a traditional plough-based system costing around £140/ha, to a one-pass till-seeding system which will cost between £50 and  £75/ha. Further cost-savings and/or yield boosts can also be achieved by applying fertiliser in bands at the same time as seeding using a Nitrojet liquid fertiliser applicator or a Ferticast.

OPICO launch new system for Till-Seeding Cereals
The Sabre Seeder allows cultivating and seeding to take place at the same time.  Furthermore, its versatility allows it to drill uncultivated land, or land partially or significantly cultivated. Where conditions require, it can also be used as a cultivator for creating stale seedbeds etc.

Mr Webber believes he has found the most successful system to date.
The verdict of Suffolk farmer Nigel Webber after switching last Autumn to a new system of seeding his crop of oil seed rape.

"All our oilseed rape this year will be drilled that way.”
West Yorkshire arable farm manager John Hogg since he introduced a new method of one-pass drilling of oil seed rape last year.

Rape seeding time cut by half in Cambridgeshire.
Cambridgeshire father and son farming partnership Andrew and Anthony Racey to halve the time previously taken to do the job.

Conclusion of Cambridgeshire agronomist Nick Myers.
One-pass Rape establishment options can produce high yields with low establishment costs - a definite win/win situation, says agronomist.

Switch to low cost rape estblishment proves successful at Bartlow Estates.
Rethinking their method of oil seed rape establishment with the introduction of a single pass, one-man system has brought some major benefits at Bartlow Estate, Cambridgeshire.

We’ve cut down by a man and a tractor and speeded things up.
Better plant establishment and root structure have been achieved by West Yorkshire arable farmer Alan Copley after introducing the Till-Seeding technique on 100 acres of oil seed rape for the first time last year.

Till-Seeding shows significant yield increase in hunts Rape crop.
An increase in yield of up to 10 per cent has been achieved on over 1000 acres of oil seed rape using the Till-Seeding technique of one-pass subsoiling and seeding directly into stubble.

Till-Seeding delivers big benefits for Northants farmer.
Cheaper establishment, coupled with improved germination and cropping are among the benefits recorded during the past two seasons by a Northants family farming enterprise after introducing Till-Seeding on 250-300 acres of winter oil seed rape.

Till-Seeding is flexible and cheaper, says northants farmer.
Flexible, cheaper, simpler – these, according to Northants arable farmer Tim Harvey, are the key advantages of using the Till-Seeding technique on his 290 acres of oil seed rape.

Hampshire farm cuts establishment costs with new technique for Oil Seed Rape.
Switching to Till-Seeding has significantly reduced the cost of oil seed rape establishment on a Hampshire arable enterprise by offering a faster, simpler system that requires less labour.

Keeping it simple in Shropshire.
Over the past seven years they have streamlined their operations substantially to concentrate on what they do best while driving down costs. At the same time they’ve switched entirely to minimum tillage. And two students at harvest are now their only employees.

Farm of the week. (Yorkshire Post)
Nick Huddlestone said, “In terms of cost, we estimate we have saved at least 30 per cent on establishment. In some situations it has halved it when we have just gone in with the Rubin and the Variocast in a single pass".

Simple, reliable approach cuts cost or Rape establishment.
Ian Rudge said, “For me, the Till-Seeding system we have in place now is a straightforward technique that will work year in, year out.”

Promising results of Till-Seeding Rape on Lincolnshire farm.
Results from till-seeding 100 acres of oil seed rape on a “try it and see” basis have proved sufficiently beneficial for a large scale North Lincolnshire farming operation that it is planned to extend the technique considerably next year.

Back to basics with Oilseed Rape.
Yields of oilseed rape in the combine tank at harvest fail to reflect the year-on-year improvements to the genetic potential of the new and highly productive varieties. Here, Edward Long looks at on-going trial work that aims to shift the yield balance in favour of UK growers.

Till-Seeding gives improved establishment for less cost in midlands.
Earlier seeding for better crop establishment plus cost savings achieved through fewer passes are two of the key benefits arising from a Leicestershire farming company’s decision to Till-Seed 700 acres of oil seed rape this year.

One-pass Till-Seeding technique slashes cost of Rape establishment.
Adopting a single pass Till-Seeding system has enabled a Gloucestershire farmer and contractor to slash the establishment cost of over 300 acres of winter oil seed rape.

Getting the best from oilseed rape
Farmers Weekly, 31st March issue Part 1:
Nick Fone reports, "Continuing our focus on low-cost crop establishment, this year Farmers Weekly will be tracking the progress of oilseed rape crops established using three different cultivation techniques."

Getting the best from oilseed rape
Farmers Weekly, 16th June issue Part 2 : Farmers Weekly reports, "This year we've been tracking the progress of farm advisory group Masstock's trails growing rape under three different cultivation regime.

Single pass establishment slashes costs of rape establishment
A high-output single pass establishment system for 1700 acres of oil seed rape has slashed costs and achieved a near perfect crop in its first season on a large-scale farming operation in Notts.