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Till-Seeding Technical Briefing 2011

Improved OSR Yields, Reduced Fertiliser Costs, Ensured Establishment - These are three key elements which are very worthwhile looking at with Rape prices around £400 a ton.

OPICO have been the pioneers of the Till-Seeding technique working with farmers and manufacturers to provide the machinery to maximise yields and minimise costs when growing OSR. Now that Till-Seeding is accepted as the most efficient technique for rape establishment and cropping in many parts of the UK OPICO have turned there attention to refining the technique and nutrition of the crop.

OPICO are holding a Till-Seeding technical briefing on Tuesday 12th April at Toft House Hotel, Bourne, Lincs. They intend to cover the developments in the technique itself and launch a new consolidation system which enhances germination in adverse conditions at the meeting. However, most importantly they will share the results of trials they have been conducting with Masstock and Openfield for the last two seasons into liquid nitrogen application at seeding. Crop nutrition is certainly one of the key areas where everyone can maximise margins from OSR and OPICO believe will become the next major change in the way the crop is grown in the UK.

The technical briefing date and time are as follows:

Tuesday 12th April 2011
10:00am - 12:30pm (Hot Buffet Lunch @ 12:30pm)

Will be held at:

The Toft Country House Hotel
PE10 0JT

Web site:

The Toft Country House Hotel
is locate on the A6121 in between Stamford and Bourne and can't be missed as you pass through Toft it's self. Please click the link below full directions.


Till-Seeding Technical Briefing Agenda

9:45am - Arrive and Coffee

10:00am - Briefing Start

James Woolway - OPICO Limited   Phillip Marr - Masstock
James Woolway   Phillip Marr
OPICO - Managing Director   Masstock - Technical Development Manager
Pioneers of the Till-Seeding concept, covering new developments in Till-Seeding and Now Till-Feeding range of machines.   Oilseed Rape Specialist and Brotherton Smart Farm Manager who has been heavily involved in research to improve rape yields and Till-Seeding and Till-Feeding trails.
Don Campbell - OPICO Limited   John Thorpe - Openfield
Don Campbell   John Throrpe
OPICO - Territory Manager   Openfield - Head of Oilseed Rape
Don is the Territory Manager for the East and Southern East of the country. Don has a huge amount of technical knolledge on the Till-Seeding and Till-Feeding concept.  

John has 25 years of experience in the industry having previously worked with Soufflet and Centaur, prior to Openfield.
Openfield market around 20% of the UK’s crop and is also one of the leading suppliers of rape seed varieties onto UK farms.

12:30pm - Speakers Finish (Hot Buffet Lunch)

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